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Most people, most of the time is always very vague, cope with the past, can be completed. The results can not improve the level of performance can not be hit, and even defects cause problems.
So we do things is to achieve impeccable attitude, to achieve near-perfect, to build quality. In this way, we will go all out in the process of doing things, you will experience during the various flavors (sadness, pain, etc.), you will be able to improve their level and even to be innovative, we can create results, we write the history is as compelling, wonderful. To be successful in life, we have a lot of quality, which is a must. 1, fine art
Song, dance areas, such as Europe and some fine songs (also known as Golden), as the year that Madonna song "Argentina, do not cry for me! "So far as the world is widely sung; some of Michael Jackson's songs; some American country songs and so on. Some ancient Chinese music is also called the fine, such as the "Mountain and Flowing Water", "Guangling", "House of Flying Daggers", "Moon Palace", "Plum Blossom", "Traditional" and so on. ,
2, in terms of art, some fine modern and contemporary painters are: Western Picasso "Avignon girl", "Guernica", "Dream," Leonardo da Vinci "Mona Lisa", "Portrait "Van Gogh" starry Night, "" sunflowers ", modern and contemporary Chinese Qi" shrimp "," tumbler map "," flowers "" flowers and Insects twelve open album, "Xu Beihong" Palestinian water map "," Horse Figure "and" nine Fang Gao "," Tian Heng five hundred persons, "Chang" landscape "," beauty "," Huangshan pine "," four big screen lotus ", Wu Guanzhong" Northland scenery "," Yangtze map " "Shi Zilin," Zhu was "night," "Rising sun Hongmei", "wind", "today is Children's day? ! "Chen Danqing" Tibet of paintings ", Chen Yifei" Ode to the Yellow River "," Old Bridge "," pacing "," cellist ", Luo Zhongli," Father "," Lotus Pond ", etc.